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Does this meet your needs?
I need to pull dynamic IP list which is stored inside Inflox using the Servicen...
Have you thought about maybe switching over to using the WAPI/REST API now? A b...
Abandoned leases are only used when free leases have been exhausted. If you are...
v2.7.1 of the API and could use the Body Request to combine the A/PTR creation....
Any updates on this would be great. It looks like there are many customers that would like the functionality
Hi, Assuming that the EA VLAN ID is already defined in your grid, you can updat...
No, you would need to sort on the client side. While you can view the REST API output directly, generally API output is intended to be loaded into a client and parsed before being displayed for human consumption.
You should be able to add an IP address to an existing host record (both through REST and Grid Manager UI). It is, however, not possible to do this via Ansible and this is a known issue (as far as I know).
Hope this helps Please note to use epoch time in start_time and end_time curl -...

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