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That call returns a date in unix epoch form ( seconds passed since 1/1/1970 ) : the number you reported is GMT : Friday 3 July 2020 03:57:09
hi all, i always use GUI to export data for IPAM - all ip add/network/container...
Had the same issue, the problem is if you only add the seed router IP without a network view assigned they can't be retrieved via WAPI, when the networkvie is assigned erverything works. Kind Regards Andreas
as per title, any idea why sometimes some network not auto created even after dsicovered or some IP address, not considered discovered even though we can find it under IP address under DataManagement> devices inside device.
Under IPAM>Data management>devices , when i tried to open network or IP a...
hi kvasudevan thanks for your guide, i manage to create ipv6 and done. thanks alot. #staysafe #stayhome

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