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"Reserve an IP in Network" Workflow changed

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I use the vRO Workflow "Reserve an IP in Network". in older Plugin Versions thiw WF had parameters "search*Definition", "search*Value" and "search*Comparison". With this Search Params i can reserve an IP for a given FQDN in a special VLAN. (Serach for VLAN with ID....)


In the current plugin version i miss all the search* Parameters.


How do i reserve an IP with this WF in a defined VLAN?


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Re: "Reserve an IP in Network" Workflow changed

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The workflows for the latest versions of the plugin leverage EA's (Extensible Attributes). These allow you to use an EA name and value so that you can identify the network based on the match found with an EA.


For more details, be sure to check out the user guide for the version of the plugin that you are using. These details can be found in the section titled "Extensible Attributes in IPAM Workflows".




Re: "Reserve an IP in Network" Workflow changed

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Actually if you have reserved various Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for special purposes. These IP addresses may be used for maintenance of routing tables, multicast, operation under failure modes, or to provide addressing space for public, unrestricted uses.

But it is possible to reserve an IP address:-
Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your router's network.
The user name is admin. ...
Select ADVANCED > Setup > LAN Setup. ...
In the Address Reservation section, click the Add button.


see: Genbrain review




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