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One of our devices changes the encrypted password during config collection.

As such each collection is seen as being a new configuration to be archived.


I know how to complete filter those lines out with a noise filter in a custom DSB.


But how does the 'replace' operation work?


Let's take this example :

config tacacs password 1 abcdef123456 16 123456abcdef


I want the config collection to replace everything behind 'password 1' into 'encrypted_password'.


how can I do this with a custom dsb?


This doesn't work :-(

<processconfig vendor="Cisco" priority="101" operation="replace" line_match="\\s*config\\s+tacacs\\s+password\\s+1\\s+(\\S+\\s+\\S+\\s+\\S+)" var_match="$1" replace_val="encrypted_password" enabled="true" config_type="saved" />


But I can't find an example on how the replace operation works.




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