BloxOne® On-Prem host troubleshooting

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I was wondering if it is possible to reconfigure an already deployed On-Prem VM OVA host in case you made a typo during the deployment.

As it seems when the OVA is deployed and started up you are not able to login via SSH or console.

So is there any way to reconfigure (i.e. the api access key) without redeploying the complete VM ?

Although this seems to be the easiest way but for a big organisation like I'm working in it can take a very long time.

I'm not able to have control over the VM host as this is the responsibility of a different department and I need to rely on a different team. And as such I can not verify how and if  the VM is correctly deployed.

When there is trouble I can only look via a remote meeting, but it is unclear to see if they supplied the correct information like the API access key.

So it would be helpfull to be able to reconfigure some important parameters.


Kind regards,


Stefan van Hattum  

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