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Forward request to Azure Private DNS Zone

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I have started using Azure Private Endpoints to connect to my Azure Databases. These are assigned a dynamic IP when created, so I need to be able to resolve the FGDN back to the IP. I have created Private DNS Zones within my VNet which have the host names in them. However, despite a lot of trying, I have not been able to get the DNS to resolve when using Infoblox.


I have an infoblox appliance running in Azure within the same VNet as my EndPoints and DNS Zones. I was initially hoping vDiscovery would pick them up, but it does not seem to. My next plan was to set up forwarding in Infoblox to forward to the Azure Private DNS. I was hoping this could be done by adding the IP of the Azure Resolver as a Forwarder in my Grid DNS Properties, but this does not seem to work.


I would have expected others would have come across this, but not being particularly familiar with Infoblox I am struggling with how to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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