Issue with incorrect DNS records for Anyconnect VPN clients

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We are having an issue where clients are not updating DNS records when using VPN.  We have an Cisco Anyconnect  VPN solution and the firewall acts as the DHCP server.  The A records and PTR records are not being updated, which is creating issues for our SCCM team trying to connect to clients on the network.  I'm engaging our firewall team to see if DDNS can be enabled to have the FW send updates on behalf of the client, but so far they are not sure it will solve the issue.  Another option the firewall team and I are discussing is moving the DHCP to the Infoblox server, but there are other potential external issues that may prevent that from working.  Anyone have any other suggestions?   Our grid master is a 1410 DDI and we are running version 8.4.8


Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

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