Performance impact of DHCP Lease Scavenging

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Does anybody have experience with the innitial performance impact of enabling DHCP Lease Scavenging? 

Infoblox documentation states: "Note: If you plan to enable this feature after upgrading from a previous NIOS version, Infoblox recommends that you enable it during off-peak hours, as it may impact DHCP services."
Configuring DHCP IPv4 and IPv6 Common Properties (

I have 2 IB-1425 and an IB-V2215 as Grid Master with around 320.000 DHCP leases in the database of which are 220.000 in Free/Backup state. 
After enabling DHCP Lease Scavenging a big portion of these Free/Backup will get deleted.

How long will it take to clear the leases in database?

Will I notice a performance impact during lease cleanup? IB-1425 CPU is about 80% idle during peak hours, IB-V2215 is about 90% idle during peak hours. 

Re: Performance impact of DHCP Lease Scavenging

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There is no actual way to know however there is a widget that you can check on how long it took after it ran.


here is a good guide for information:


Hope this helps,

Kevin Zettel

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