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Add domain controller to AD Authentication Service

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Has anyone been able to add a domain controller to an AD authentication service via WAPI?  I've spent a few hours digging around on the internet and haven't came up with anything helpful.  I can query to find a list of AD Authenticatoin Services and then get details of each particular service, but I can't seem to find out how to add a domain controller to one.


Get list of all AD Auth Services: 


From the returned values, I can gather the _ref ID and use it to gather details about a specific ad auth service.


Get properties of an AD Auth Service by ID: 



That gives me many things, including a list of domain controllers.  I was hoping to just PUT the body of { "domain_controllers": { "fqdn_or_ip": "<DOMAIN_CONTROLLER>","auth_port": 389 } } to add to the list, but it keeps returning a 400.


Re: Add domain controller to AD Authentication Service

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Some list fields will let you add an enty, using the "+" modifier.  I tried, with the domain controller list, but it responded with an error:


  "text": "Modifier + not allowed for domain_controllers"

So unfortunately you will need to pull down the whole list, add a new domain controller to the list, and then push up the whole modified list.

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