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cannot filter extattrs

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When I try to filter a call by an extattr, then I get an empty response:

curl -k1 -u user:pw -X GET "https://gridmaster/wapi/v2.11/dtc:lbdn?_return_fields=extattrs&*RequestorOrg:='AD-IB-Groupname'"

Whereas when calling without filter, then I see the extattr:

curl -k1 -u user:pw -X GET "https://gridmaster/wapi/v2.11/dtc:lbdn?_return_fields=extattrs"

The response is:

        "_ref": "dtc:lbdn/",
        "extattrs": {
            "RequestorOrg": {
                "value": "AD-IB-Groupname"
        "_ref": "dtc:lbdn/",
        "extattrs": {}

I checked this page here for searching by extattrs:


How to search correctly for extattrs?

Re: cannot filter extattrs

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Try using a percent-20-equals instead of just equals, on the _return_fields field.


This means we're asking to add the EA values to the list of fields returned (in addition to the object defaults), instead of just returning the EA values.


curl -k1 -u user:pw -X GET "https://gridmaster/wapi/v2.11/dtc:lbdn?_return_fields%20=extattrs&*RequestorOrg:='AD-IB-Groupname'"
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