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GET Method to find if an IP exists on infoblox

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Hi all,


    I am tyring to use curl to connect to infoblox, I use GET method to check if the ipaddres exists. The below command i am trying to use and no response from the command. any help highly appreciated.


curl -s -k -o result.json -x  GET --user <usernameSmiley Tongueassword> "


I changed the ipaddress search to hostname search


curl -k -s -H 'content: application/json' -x  GET --user <usernameSmiley Tongueassword> "<fqdn of the server>&_return_as_object=1


is the above syntax is correct as both of them did not help.





Re: GET Method to find if an IP exists on infoblox

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If there is a network to contain it, the IP address always exists.


I think the more importanty question is: are there any records using the IP address?


Use the "ipv4address" object type, to return the IP address and any objects (records using that IP address.


curl -k1 -u admin:infoblox -X GET '' 


Re: GET Method to find if an IP exists on infoblox

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Hi Raj,

It seems there are some issues in your curl commands:

  1. Use -X instead of -x to specify the HTTP request method.
  2. Remove the extra space before "GET" in the first command.
  3. Replace placeholders <username>:<password> and <fqdn of the server> with your actual credentials and server information.

You can follow these commands:

For IP address check:

curl -s -k -o result.json -X GET --user <username>:<password> ""

For hostname check:

curl -k -s -H 'content: application/json' -X GET --user <username>:<password> "<fqdn of the server>&_return_as_object=1"

For more information, You can check this:

I hope this will help you.

Prisha Singh
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