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How can use WAPI go get zone binded NS group name ?

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If auth/deleagation zone  binded a name servergroup , then will cannot use WAPI to get zone's NS record info and binded NS group info.

If not bind Ns group ,then output will include NS server name ,so how can i solve this problem ,how can use WAPI go get NS group name wapi output.jpg

Re: How can use WAPI go get zone binded NS group name ?

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If you are still running into this issue, could you please try the following API:


curl -k -u <uname>:<pwd> -X GET "https://grid-master/wapi/v2.7/zone_auth?_return_fields%2B=ns_group"

curl -k -u <uname>:<pwd> -X GET "https://grid-master/wapi/v2.7/zone_delegated?_return_fields%2B=ns_group"



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