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NTP server stratum

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I would like to know the ntp stratum for the grid members using API. I am new to infoblox and I know the cli command show ntp. How to get the api equivalent in API. 



Similary I want to know the api equivalent for the following cli commands.


show network


show security.


I went through the wapi doc but could not find anything similar to the cli commands that I have.


Thanks in advance!

Re: NTP server stratum

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These NTP peer details are not available through API unfortunately.  I might recommend instead scripting the CLI command to gather the details.

Re: NTP server stratum

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The NTP Stratum model is a representation of the hierarchy of time servers in an NTP network, where the Stratum level (0-15) indicates the device's distance to the reference clock. Stratum 0 means a device is directly connected to e.g., a GPS antenna GB Whatsapp
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