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Use API to copy zone and zone records from one DNS view to another each night

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We have a need to be able to copy zone from the production DNS view to the same zone name in the DR DNS view. The script should delete the zone in the DR DNS view first then just copy over any static DNS records. Is there a way to do this in an API script? This would need to run at least once per day. 

Re: Use API to copy zone and zone records from one DNS view to another each night

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I dont have specific code that can do this, but it shouldn't be too difficult.   it would just be a series of GETs and POSTs for the most part.  I have written similar to move subnets from one grid to another using WAPI/Python.


Delete the zone from DR view.

Create the zone in DR view.

Get all the records from default view.

Post all the records to the DR view.

You would need to do this for each record type.


I'm sure on the specifics of your environments, i have found a way to remove the need for appliances in our DR environment for DR exercises.  An actual event would be irrellevant as DNS highly fault tolerant in both of our datacenters.

We use an F5 GTM as a DNS proxy between our Prod and DR environment.  It listens on the same Anycast addresses and just proxies the queries from inside DR to the prod servers.   If we need to change a record for the DR environment, we just use an iRule to intercept the response and change the data to the required value.



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