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API - Link Global Smart Folders to My Personal Smartfolder

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Hi Team,


For a specific need (+ 50 users, + 50 Global Smart Folders), we'd like to automate the linking of Global Smart Folders to individual users cause each "admin" needs access to all the Global Smart Folder, and to make navigation easier, they want to find them in Personal Smart Folders.


Now we've found out how:
- Extract the list of Global Smart Folders

curl -u admin:xxxxx -X GET "https://X.X.X.X/wapi/v2.11.3/smartfolder:global" -k

- Extract the list of Personal Smart Folders

curl -u admin:xxxxx -X GET "https://X.X.X.X/wapi/v2.11.3/adminuser" -k

- Extract User:

curl -u admin:xxxxx -X GET "https://X.X.X.X/wapi/v2.11.3/adminuser" -k


We have also identified how to create personal or global Smart Folders in API.


But what we'd like to do is automate the "Create Link" function, so that each user doesn't have to do the "Link" manually and repeatedly.


We have carried out several tests without success, for example:

# Link Global Smartfolder to a user
curl -u admin:xxxxx -X POST https://X.X.X.X/wapi/v2.11.3/userfolderlink -d '{
    "smartfolder": "smartfolder:global/globalsmartfolderHref",
    "user": "adminuser/userHref"
}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -k
curl -u steph:xxxxx -X POST "https://X.X.X.X/wapi/v2.11.3/smartfolder:personal/personalsmartfolderhref" -k

Do any of you know if this is feasible? If so, do you have any ideas?


Best Regards, 


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