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backup grid configuration

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How do I backup the current running configuration of Infoblox DDI? i.e the grid properties, status of all the services and others in an XML i.e the complete configuration of the infobox DDI for example in case of network devices we run the command show running-config to get the running-config of the device in a similar manner how can we export the configuration of the Infoblox DDI setup 


I tried using the backup option from the grid manager but i do get the output as database.bak file which i am not able to open and view

Re: backup grid configuration

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Since the grid manager is the 'config controller' for a grid, all your configurations for various applainces are generated from the grid manager database. 

while it's possible to get DHCP/DNS configs for individual appliances, you wouldn't restore them with those configs.

Whats the use case you are trying to solve here?

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