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Best practices for reserving ranges then adding hosts

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I've read through lots of posts but not seen exactly what I'm looking for.

I need to reserve ranges for services. So when people reserve a new network they can't take one that is already reserved and they know not to steal a /28 from a reserved /24. I then need to automate assigning the next unused IP within that range for servers that come online.
I tired using the DHCP reservation as it leaves the range reserved at range level but the IPs unused. This disables the next IP function apparently within the range so I couldn't add a host using netx IP.

So what is the best practice for reserving a network at range level for a service but allowing IPs free IPs within that range to be assigned automatically?

Re: Best practices for reserving ranges then adding hosts

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This is what you can do:

  1. Create a /24 network, say
  2. Create a reservation range using all the IPs in the network, -
  3. When you run a "next_available_network"or "next_available_ip" call against the network, it will return with an empty response.
  4. For servers that need to be allocated IP addresses from this reserved range, issue the "next_available_ip" call against the range, like below:
    API to get the range reference:
    curl -k -u <uname>:<pwd> -X GET 'https://grid-master/wapi/v2.10/range?network='
    Sample output:
            "_ref": "range/ZG5zLmRoY3BfcmFuZ2UkMTAuMTAuMTAuMS8xMC4xMC4xMC4yNTQvLy8wLw:",
            "end_addr": "",
            "network": "",
            "network_view": "default",
            "start_addr": ""
    API to get next available IP within the range:
    curl -k -u <uname>:<pwd> -X POST 'https://grid-master/wapi/v2.10/range/ZG5zLmRoY3BfcmFuZ2UkMTAuMTAuMTAuMS8xMC4xMC4xMC4yNTQvLy8wLw:'
    Sample output:
        "ips": [

Hope this is helpful,



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