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Doing an OR, IN, or Contains Search

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My organization makes heavy use of macfilteraddress objects in Infoblox. I'm working on a project that allows my users to search Infoblox using device hostnames, or partial hostnames to return a list of objects, and return the status of the macfilteraddress (does it exist in IB, when does it expire, etc.). I'm using information from our SCCM instance to generate a list of MAC addresses for the devices requested, but when it comes time to search IB I have to search one MAC address at a time, which is fine for a small handful of devices, but when the search returns 10's or 100's of results it gets painful fast.


My question then is this, can I pass a list of MAC addresses and have IB search for all of them in a single query, much like using the IN keyword in a SQL query or the .Contains method in LINQ (or all the .NET folks Smiley Happy ), or is searching each address individually the only way?


I'm using API version 2.9.

Re: Doing an OR, IN, or Contains Search

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Unfortunately, none of the filters supported by the API endpoints support any sort of logical OR or set based searches. You're stuck either making a request for each one individually or querying all results and filtering them client side.

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