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PAPI to WAPI migration :

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How can Some one Migrate from PAPI to wAPI

I wanted to add/Update a EA to host :

how can i do that in Perl using WAPI


$client->GET( "/record:host?name="."$hostname\.$domain" , $headers );
my $res_data = from_json($client->responseContent());
my $key = $res_data->[0]->{_ref};
print $key;
my $ext ='{
"_ref": "$key",
"extattrs": {
"1:ID-Nr." : { "value": $id_nr },
"2:Geraeteart": { "value": $geraeteart },
"3:Geraetetyp": { "value": $geraetetyp },
"4Smiley Frustratedtandort" : { "value": $standort},
"5:Netzdose" : { "value": $netzdose},
"6:Verteiler" : { "value": $verteiler},
"7:Nutzer" : { "value": $nutzer },
"8Smiley Frustratedtruktureinheit": { "value": $struktureinheit },
"9:Tel.-Nr." : { "value": $tel },
"a:Applikationen": { "value": $applikationen },
"b:Bemerkungen" : { "value": $bemerkungen}
# now add it
my $response = $client->PUT( "/$key"."&_return_fields=extattrs",$ext, $headers);

THe problem is instead of taking the assigned value, it tooks the literal value , can some throw light on this?

Re: PAPI to WAPI migration :

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For future posts, can you please post your code in a code block,


like this


to help with readability.  It won't convert text to smily faces and such.


There is a lot of similarity between PAPI and WAPI but they are not exactly the same and cannot be automatically converted.  Anything that was done in PAPI will need to be rewritten to use WAPI instead.  Fortunately with WAPI you can use the development platform of your choice, whereras PAPI will only work with Perl.


The EAs need to be updated together.  If you change any EAs on a record or orbject, you must push the complete set and not just a partial set in the WAPI Call.

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