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Exclude DNS read-only view (AD) from API calls

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Is there any way to exclude a specific DNS view from API calls? Exclude read-only data that's not directly on Infoblox ?


We've added a read-only AD view for delegated zones to a Microsoft server and now my API calls return data from that AD view, which I don't want/need as I can't do anything with it anyway.


My actual call looks like this: 



So the excluding view would look like something like this (I know I can't use '!', it's just an example of what I would like to do):



I know I could specify a view with my call with &view=view1 so the returned data will be only from that one view, but I'd rather not do that as it would mean making multiple calls (1 for each view) for something I used to do with one. I want my query to return everything that's on Infoblox, but only the data from the views that are actually on Infoblox.


If I can't exclude a view, maybe there's a way to query for multiple views in a single call?

Something like:



If all else fails I'll just sort the data on my end when it comes back but having only the needed data coming back would be better for me.


Thank you!

Re: Exclude DNS read-only view (AD) from API calls

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Not directly, as the view search type is only an exact match. 


You could instead define an extensible attribute, give a value for all the MS zones, and then earch for zones that don't match that EA value.


Here's an example, for a network search:


Re: Exclude DNS read-only view (AD) from API calls

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That's a great idea!


Thank you very much!

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