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Fetch all the available IPv4 from the network container

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Hi Guys,


I am new to infoblox and I am trying the fetch the list of IPv4 address inside a network container.

I have read the documentation and found the API call next_available_ip is used to fetch the available (unused) ip addresses (max of 20).


The problem i am facing is , I want to fetch all the unused IPs under the network container, Is there a way to fetch all the available lists under a network


Example network lists 

starts - >,, ............... <- ends


Its should get all the unused IP's list, Is it possible to fetch using the API calls


body = {
url4= "https://["my_url]/wapi/v2.10.3/network/["my_ref"]/default?_function=next_available_ip"
rest=, params=body ,headers=head, auth=cred, verify=False)



Re: Fetch all the available IPv4 from the network container

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You cannot select individual IP addresses from a network container.


Within a network container, you can request networks.


To request individual IP addresses, you would request them from the network they belong to.  If there is no network, you'll need to create a network first.

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