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Find IP Based on MAC

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I'm looking for a way to find IP address based on MAC address.


API Call:



According to the WAPI documentation for 2.11.2, the mac_address field is part of the base object and is searchable. However, when I try searching for mac_address, I get the following error:


AdmConDataError: None (IBDataError: IB.Data:Search fields must contain a parent member or network view.

If I try specifying a default network view, I get yet another error:


AdmConProtoError: When searching by network_view one of \\"ip_address\\", \\"network\\" must also be searched on

If I have only a MAC address, I clearly don't have the network it belongs to, so how can I simply search Infoblox for a MAC address via API?


Re: Find IP Based on MAC

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Are you trying to search for the fixed address based on the MAC address? If yes, you can do so using the below WAPI:

Sample API:
curl -k -u admin:infoblox -X GET "https://grid-

Sample Output:
   "ipv4addr": "", 
   "mac": "aa:bb:cc:11:22:21", 
   "network_view": "default" 

Hope this helpful,


Krishna Vasudevan

Re: Find IP Based on MAC

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It would be useful to find the ip address with only the mac address available.

Re: Find IP Based on MAC

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Try to use

https: / / {{grid_master}} / wapi / v2.11 / search?mac_address=11:22:33:44:55:66


where grid_master = ip of your grid master (or DNS name)

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