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How to check if a list of IP has a host entry

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Hi, I have a list of 2500 IPs (approx.) and I need to check how many of them have a host entry in Infoblox. Is there any script or any easy way to accomplish that ??

Re: How to check if a list of IP has a host entry

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This won't be a simple script but shouldn't be too complex.


Each address would need to be checked individually.  I can see two different strategies, depending on the size of the database.


1)  Have the script check each IP address individually, and return records associated with the IP.  This means 2500 API calls.  This could be optimized by combining multiple calls into one, using multibody requests, maybe 10 at a time.  That would cut down the number of calls by a factor of 10.


2) Download all records and compare within the script.  If this is a large database, it may take more time and resources, compared to checking each address individually.



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