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How to create DS record using WAPI?

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I have a requirement to create DS record through a WAPI call. The corresponding object for DS record is 'record:ds' and as I understand this object does not support Create or Modify operation. Can anybody guide me if there is any other object which I need to refer here or there are any alternative methods to create the DS record?

Also what all attributes are required to create a DS record? Is it FQDN & DS string?

Re: How to create DS record using WAPI?

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From the documentation, this is what I have -

The DS resource records are automatically generated upon the signing of the child zone of an authoritative zone residing on the appliance.


So, if you sign the child zone, this record will automatically be created for you. For samples regarding the APIs for signing the zone, you can refer to page 35 here:


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Re: How to create DS record using WAPI?

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Thanks for responding. How can the child zone be obtained from the authoritative zone? Also around the signing of a zone I could find the following where we need to call a function. Is this the 1 which I need to use?


curl -k -u admin:infoblox -H 'content-type: application/json' -X PUT "https://grid-master/wapi/v2.11/ zone_auth/" -d '{"operation":"SIGN"}' 


So is it the case by having the FQDN only and  by passing it as a child zone & signing the same we can achieve this? I have also the DS string with me as below. Will that be of any use?


DS String - 
8185 8 2 8C79EE584A6E8C836240A1B91DDDA2A700917C0B663371A2B69C32C0 3AF6B4A6



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