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how to substring Ipaddress

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Hello Netzis,


Can anybody help in substringing


I have endup with

Dim urli = "https://ipman/wapi/v2.6.1/" + propertyValue + "?_function=next_available_ip&num=1"



Dim ipaddress = rest.invoke("POST", urli, Nothing, Nothing, "")


ipaddress= "{""ips"": [""""]}"


How can i get only "" ? I tried all sorts of substring. That double quotes never leaves !


Which make the body as follows :


"name": "",
"ipv4addrs": [
"ipv4addr": "[\"\"]}",
"mac": "8c:87:a5:60:f1:b8"


"ipv4addr": "[\"\"]}"--> how to convert this to "ipv4addr" :""


Thank you

Re: how to substring Ipaddress

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Found answer Smiley Happy thanks

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