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Hybrid GRID API Access

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Hi all, 


We are deploying an "Hybrid" Grid between onpremise TE devices (Grid Master & Master Candidate) and some CP-1415 devices in AWS.


Theorically, the CP devices provides API access to avoid AWS devices/services connections to on premise Master, but when we are testing it using Curl we get an unauthorized error message. We are trying it using admin (superuser) that works onprem.


This is the output error message:


018-11-14T17:42:53.376181Z       info       WAPI request error: 401('401 Authorization Required')




<title>401 Authorization Required</title>


<h1>Authorization Required</h1>

<p>This server could not verify that you

are authorized to access the document

requested.  Either you supplied the wrong

credentials (e.g., bad password), or your

browser doesn't understand how to supply

the credentials required.</p>


2018-11-14T17:42:53.391521Z     info       WAPI request error: 401('401 Authorization Required')


Those AWS devices are not owners of any object, they are only working as a grid slaves, without any forwarded zone or object and we want to use it as a Grid Master API "proxy" to avoid high latencies.



Re: Hybrid GRID API Access

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By default, the admin-group with super user permissions does not have authorization to make cloud API requests. When you install valid licenses, and configure your Grid for Cloud Network Automation, NIOS enables the cloud-api-only admin group. You can assign admin users to this group so they are authorized to send cloud API requests to the Cloud Platform Appliances.


Thanks and Regards,

Krishna Vasudevan

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