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Integration Template: How to obtain netmask in CIDR notation?

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Hello Community,

I am new to infoblox integrations. What I am trying to do is to create an integration between InfoBlox and Palo Alto, and at this point everything seems to be working except for one detail.


Our naming convention for any Panorama IP netmask object is "N-<ip>_<netmask>". For example, a network "" would be named "N-". Currently, with the infoblox Palo Alto Static Assets template, I am able to obtain the IP but not the netmask (the numbers after the slash). I would like to ask if anyone know of a way of obtaining these numbers?


I appreciate your time! Thanks!


Nexar F.

Re: Integration Template: How to obtain netmask in CIDR notation?

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Hello Nexar,


Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Palo Alto integration .. are you trying to go from InfoBlox to Palo Alto or the other way around, i.e. is the IP Address coming from InfoBlox or from Palo Alto?





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