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IP address found in UI using search but not using API

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Hi all, I only just started using this API today so sorry if I may be missing something. When I log into the UI (website) and use search (top right next to my username) for IPs they are found but when I use the REST API /wapi/v2.6/ipv4address?ip_address=  some IP addresses comeback with "Error": "AdmConDataError: None (IBDataError: IB.Data:A network was not found for this address.)".

Similarly I can see the IP in the UI search and so I can click on it and go to the the network in the UI but if I search for the network in the REST API  /wapi/v2.6/network?network= the network is not found. I just get <list/> back.


These particular IPs and networks that are not returned in the API are on a different domain/physical segment that is not managed by Infoblox so that may be the reason but what I wanted to know is since they are found in the UI where is that information being stored and how do I access it from the API? 



Re: IP address found in UI using search but not using API

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I may have found my answer in another thread where the admin says...


"That is normal, you won't see records from dns secondary zones using API.   Those records aren't in the database, they are only held in memory on the appliances serving the secondary zone."


Could this be why I can see networks and IPs in the UI but not via API? If this is the case I suppose I have no way to access that IP info that is coming from the other network?

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