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member:dns for logging categories

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Have a requirement to check the categories being logged across 100+ members.  While I very quickly used the WAPI object 'member:dns' and field 'logging_categories' to return the TRUE/FALSE values, these are if Overridden.  But does not reflect if Inheriting.  I find no 'use_' or other flag to indicate if using the Grid Properties and not 'local'.

Appears to be no indication in the categories structure or values, so appear unable to validate the current categories a member is reporting.


Re: member:dns for logging categories

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I have also found incorrect results from this request:


When settings are inherited

Specifically, I see this as part of the results returned

Looking in the GUI for the member, inherited settings show "true" for both queries and responses.
By the way, in the WAPI documentation referenced in the Grid, the struct "logging_categories" is referenced incorrectly as "loggingcategories".
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