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Need help with adding a custom field to API call

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I am new to the community. I work on ServiceNow and trying to build integration between Infoblox and ServiceNow. My goal is to pull DHCP subnet data and document it in ServiceNow. Part of the process I am using the following API call where I am pulling Network, Comment columns and also a custom column that was added by our Infoblox team. Below is my sample call where I am trying to add a custom field(my_custom_field) but running into issues because API doesn't recognize the custom columns. Not sure what I am missing, appreciate any insight into adding the custom field to the '_return_fields'.


Re: Need help with adding a custom field to API call

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Custom fields are always Extensible Attributes (EAs).    Ask for the "extattrs" field to be returned, and then all EA attribute/value pairs will also be returned.





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