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Permissions for PTR Record?

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I'm not administering Infoblox, I'm only trying to automate the creation of some records.


I was able to add 'A' records successfuly, but I'm in troubles for PTR records. Seems a permission problem, may you tell me what should I need to ask for to the Infoblox administrator?


When I query for the 'ptr'

curl -k -u userSmiley Tongueasswd -X GET " Tonguetr_return_as_object=1"


It just returns an [] 


And If I'll try to create it:

curl -k -u userSmiley Tongueasswd -X POST " Tonguetr" -H "Content-Type:application/json" --data {"ptrdname": "","ipv4addr": ""}


I got this error..


Error": "AdmConDataError: None (IBDataConflictError: IB.Data.Conflict:Write permission for the resource record type 'PTR' i
code": "Client.Ibap.Data.Conflict",
text": "Write permission for the resource record type 'PTR' in the zone 'x.x.x.x/x' is required for this operation."


Do I need some additional permisions for PTR records?




Re: Permissions for PTR Record?

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Can you get the admin to add Read/Write permissions for the PTR Records in the Administration tab?


Here is a sample screenshot for Global Permissions.


Hope this helps,



Re: Permissions for PTR Record?

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I don't have access to this screen, as I'm not an Infoblox admin.


But now, With this reference It's clear for me that I need these permissions, and  I could ask to the admins for these permissions.




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