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phantom infoblox block domain tweak

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I found the following customization of the block domain action for infoblox in phantom useful.  The block domain action allows you to add an entry to the selected rp_zone.  The cusomization appends the timestamp and "added by phantom playbook" to the comment field so you can easily see when blacklist entries can be aged out, if needed.

    phantom.debug('block_domain_1() called')  

    parameters = []

    start_time ="%m-%d-%y")

    name_value=phantom.collect(container, "artifact:*.cef.destinationDnsDomain")[0]['cef']['destinationDnsDomain']


        'domain': name_value,

        'rp_zone': "blacklist",

        'network_view': "Internal",

        'comment': start_time + " block from Phantom Playbook ",


    phantom.act("block domain", parameters=parameters, app={ "name": 'Infoblox DDI' }, callback=format_create_ticket, name="block_domain_1")


Unbolded code shuold be the default for block domain action.

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