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Run Two Versions of Perl API on One Machine

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I am in a position where I need to use one Linux machine to make Perl API calls to two different Infoblox Grid Masters. Unfortunately each Grid Master runs a different version of NIOS and I am not in a position to change this.

  • Grid 1 = 7.3.12-349733
  • Grid 2 = 8.3.0-371835


I have installed the Perl libraries from grid 1 onto my Linux machine and can successfully make API calls to Grid 1. When I then try and make to make API calls to Grid 2 I get a 1009 error stating the version of my libraries does not match the version of NIOS on the Grid. 


I then uninstalled the Perl libraries from the Grid 1 server and instead installed the Perl libraries from Grid 2. I am then able to make API calls to Grid 2 and I was hopeful that there would be some backwards compatibility. Sadly that is not the case. I still get an error message as follow when trying to make API calls to Grid 1 using the Perl libraries from Grid 2:


1009: The version of perl module [8.3.0-371835] doesn't match the server version [7.3.12-349733]. Please upgrade your Infoblox perl module package at line 32.

I tried a few things to address this issue:

  1. Installed the Perl Libraries from Grid 1 onto the Linux machine on top of the existing libraries from Grid 2. This resulted in neither of the libraries working. Everything just broke.
  2. Unzipping the libraries from Grid 2 and renaming every instance of "Infoblox" to InfobloxEight" including file names and file contents. Then installing these libraries and using a "use InfobloxEight" statement in my perl script. The module did appear to install properly in CPAN but ultimately this did not work as my script failed to import the libraries by the new name. 
  3. Googling for a few hours looking for a way to rename an installed library but was ultimately unsuccessful in implimenting a few of the ideas I found.


So I am stuck. Does anybody have any recommendations?

Re: Run Two Versions of Perl API on One Machine

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The guys over at helped me out. My issue is resolved. Robot Happy

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