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Unable to get PTR records

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I've noticed a strange behavior of REST API.

I have auth zone, when I asked for all auth zone



I got <fqdn></fqdn>.

Then, I asked for all ptr records using just returned FQDN:



but I got an empty list.

But, when I asked for all records with <fqdn></fqdn> the API is able to find my records inside the zone:


Also, when I ask for PTR records with zone name '' I am able to get my records. However, this is not my case, I would like to use API to get information about PTR records without manually changing the zone name.

Is it a bug?

My API version: 2.7.3, NIOS: 



Re: Unable to get PTR records

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It's a quirky behavior, for sure.  You need to specify the zone in CIDR format here, and in some other places too.

Re: Unable to get PTR records

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Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately, I cannot rename the reverse mapping zone in the Infoblox DNS dashboard. 

I rely only on data returned by zone_auth API request, so I would like to make sure if API request for record: ptr expecting a different name than returned by zone_auth is a bug or not?

In my opinion, it is a bug because I cannot get another zone name when asking for all zones. Could you please confirm that?

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