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Unmanaged IP Data

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Hi All,


I have setup Network Discovery, I was wondering if there is a way (report/API call) to export this data into a CSV?


I need to get the Unmanaged IP blocks and to be able to related to the EA Attributes like Country etc.




Re: Unmanaged IP Data

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You should use the CSV Job Manager to Export IPv4 Networks (under DHCP Objects) and export all networks then filter the CSV to include networks without Descriptions or details that could identify that you did not create it, assuming that you do input descriptions or EAs when you create networks...


Or use an API call like this one (tested in Postman), the  Return Fields are not necessary but will explicitly return the value for those fields:




I have not found a way to export unmanaged IPs from the  CSV Job Manager but you can use the API to get UNMANAGED ip_addresses from Networks (in my example with a call like this (tested in Postman):


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