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vRA 7.6 Infoblox Integration - Create Additional records in different DNS Views

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I have a situation where I have a vRA VM with 3 NIC's attached.  The hostname is supplied during the request of a VM.  Network0 is doing exactly as expected.  My customer has requested to have 1 record created for the default DNS view and another record created in a view called MZ_DNSView.  Each of these records will also have a different name.  A little background on the VM design.  Network0 is the standard production network traffic.  It has a host record created based on the hostname in the default DNS Zone.  This is working as expected.  Network1 is the management network interface.  This NIC should have a host record created in the default DNS view with an "mz" in front of the hostname.  We also want to have a host record created with just the hostname (no -1 appended) in the MZ_DNSView.  So this sounds like a bit of a two part question, but the basic ask here is what of this can be done with the default integration of Infoblox in vRA 7.6?

Re: vRA 7.6 Infoblox Integration - Create Additional records in different DNS Views

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Hi @whochradel, 
When you have multiple nics attached, by default we only support record creation for the VM  with -0,-1,-2(with respective nics) so on with automatic recrod creation,
To answer record creation in a new view, you can create a new network profile for that specific network view and map it to the management nic in design tab. 
Alternatively you can always use CNAME  record type for specific name creation 

May i know what version of plugin are you using 

more information on record creation and property group is here -

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