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WAPI Body Request to obtain all lease data for a network when you only have the FQDN

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I'm trying to retrieve all lease data for a pool of information.  I only have a FQDN, i.e.  I'm trying to daisy chain the following requests to get where I need to go:

1. Get host_record by FQDN to obtian IPv4Addr

2. Use IPv4Add4 to obtain network

3. Use network to obtain lease data.


So far, I can use FQDN to obtain IPV4addr, but storing it with STATE:ASSIGN gives me back an ipv4addr object like this, which I cannot extract the IP address from, to ask for the ipv4addr object, which would give me the network I want lease from:


        "myREF": [


My assign which gave me all that was:

 "assign_state" : {
            "myREF" : "ipv4addrs"
However, that does not give me the individual ipv4address so I can get it's network, so I can use that to pull leases to review state.....
Does anyone have any thoughts on how to go from a hostname to getting all lease in that hostname's subnet, all via 1 WAPI Body Request?
thank you for any ideas, answers
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