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create DHCP range via ansible

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I know there's been another post on this, but it doesn't help me out.

We are building a new network now, with new IPv4 subnets.

As part of the automation process I'd like to create the new subnet on our infrastructure, together with the subnet on our infoblox grid.


For the infoblox that would mean that I would create a network with the nios_network module.

After that, I want to have another task that will create the IPv4 range in this network.

Without this range DHCP clients won't be able to get an actual IP address.

From what I've been reading, this is not a possibility with ansible, is this correct?

If there a way to work around this? Can this be done via the REST API with python? Or isn't it possible at all?


Another issue that I have is when creating the network. The network is being created successfully, but I would also like to directy assign our grid to serve those DHCP requests. Is this possible in Ansible, and if so, how?


Thanks for your reply.



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