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Get Exclusion Range from WAPI

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I need to extract by using the WAPI all the exclusion range inside of a DHCP Range.

By looking at the WAPI Doc it says that the EXLUDE field of the DHCP Range is not available for search.


Does anybody know how should I do the GET to be able to receive all the exlusion range given an specific DHCP range?


Thanks in advance,

Alan Roitman

Re: Get Exclusion Range from WAPI

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Hi Alan,


Here is a sample wapi call for getting all the reserved ranges in your grid. You can tweak this to suite your requirements.


curl -k -u admin:xxxxxxx -H "Content-type: application/json" -X GET https://xx.xx.xx.xx/wapi/v2.7/range -d '{"member" : null}'


The member field is searchable, so the idea here is to search for all the ranges where the member field is null.



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