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We added ssh support for NIOS as of NetMRI 7.3.3 if you enable config collection you will be able to run any dig as a scripting job.
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Have you get this resolved? I have exactly the same issue. { "Error": "AdmConDa...
Hi Sandeep, Thanks for responding. I was starting to think that I am never goin...
Hi, This can be accomplished with a REST API call. Below is a sample call https...
Hi Sandeep, Thank you for responding. Yes, I have already added the name server. I will open the case with support. Regards
Hi, CAA shared records are currently not supported in NIOS. My recommendation i...
Hi, Are you using the same vRO instance for both the vRAinstance. In that case,...
Hi Alan, Here is a sample wapi call for getting all the reserved ranges in your...
Please read the first post in this thread for the solution.

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