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Hit enter after a send_command in python/netmri

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Hi Team,


I'm trying to write a python script in netmri to copy dap.xml file from ASA to my FTP server but once I issue copy it will ask for multiple prompt (we need just press 'enter' for 4 to 5 times) but I couldn't do this, could you please help? I've tried /r,/n and combination but no luck Smiley Sad


# Script-Filter:
# true


from python_helper import send_multiline
from python_helper import init_helper
from pprint import pprint
import re

# initiate API connector
cli = init_helper(api_url, http_username, http_password, job_id, device_id, batch_id)


#get current dap xml file
sh_disk = cli.send_command('sh disk0: | include dap.xml')

#Copy dap file to ftp

#cli.send_command('copy disk0:dap.xml ftp://ftpuser:ftppw@$device_dap.xml\n\n\n')




vpn-rnd-1# sh disk0: | include dap.xml
352 59869 Mar 24 2020 04:28:20 dap.xml
290 9468 Jun 21 2018 11:47:16 original_dap.xml


vpn-rnd-1# copy disk0:dap.xml ftp://ftpuser:ftppw@$device_dap.xml

Source filename [dap.xml]?

*** Job Failed Due to Timeout ***

Re: Hit enter after a send_command in python/netmri

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Change the "\n" to "\r"

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