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upgrading cisco IOS on 2960 switches and new to netmri

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Ok everyone let me start off by saying i am the village idiot when it comes to netmri. I have almost zero experience with it but trying to accomplish the task of upgrading our network switches IOS automagically. Can anyone point me in the right direction initially? I have looked at the script that is included with netmri but again it is very complicated. I have been a network engineer for 25 years and i consider myself a good one. Scripting however is not what i do and do not have access to anyone so i am reaching out to anyone that can help with maybe an example working script. This is phase one of project just to get a test enviornment upgraded. it is a 2960x stack of 3 switches. Any help would be appreicated but again you will have to be very elementary with me on this. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. 

Re: upgrading cisco IOS on 2960 switches and new to netmri

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So sorry I missed this 


Can you posted how you would do it manually and I would create a script for you Smiley Happy

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