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Infoblox VNIOS - Azure - Can't activate MGMT

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We have deployed a virtual Infoblox (IB805 - version 8.4.3) on Azure following the best pratices (Bicep deployment via Azure Devops).

This machine is by default having two NICs (1x LAN1 and 1x MGMT) in 2 different subnets.

However the Infoblox system didn't provision the MGMT interface and it is only having a single LAN1 activated.


When I try to manual bring up the MGMT interface through the CLI, I get the following error: "Cannot enable Management interface when LAN1 is configured with a dynamic address".


The message shouldn't be expected because the LAN1 IP was statically defined during the pipieline deployment.


Did anyone within the community experience a similar problem ?





Re: Infoblox VNIOS - Azure - Can't activate MGMT

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Had the same issue. We had to just do a quick run through of the "set network" command first then the "set interface mgmt" on the console port to enable it. The set network command will give the IP information that was used during setup.



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