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Recruiting customers to share NetMRI examples = free admission!

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Free admission:  Share your NetMRI experience at Bloxfest, we're looking for a few more to join the forum to share examples best practices with other customers.


We are giving free registration to addend if you commit to participate in NetMRI sessions as an experienced user and share examples and best practices. As a “speaker”, you will not need a presentation other than a way to share your examples, best practices and lessons learned for a few minutes, along with others doing the same.


So this is an easy level of participation in order to achiever “speaker” status compared to other sessions.


The team here would need to "approve" you, but as long as you have some good examples to share, that isn't difficult.


You would:

    1) Attend at least 2 NetMRI sessions (two of either: change automation best practices, or Policy enforcement best practices) or all 4.

   2) Share your examples and best practices

   3) Discuss with other attendees and get to hear and discuss their examples, questions, lessons, and needs.

   4) Post that you agree to do this in the bloxfest section of this community site. If needed, I can help you post the needed info to get the speaker incentive discount.


Contact me directly, or post a reply here with a way for me to contact you. 




May 17-19, Boston, MA

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