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Import CVS DNS to BloxOne

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Hi All.

New to Infoblox/Bloxone and we are creating a new site and need to upload a lot of DNS entries.


Whilst the export works fine, we are finding that the Import template is quite details in the format of the CVS file required.

Example, do you have to have the entire lines populated in the sense that you must fill out the "Key" field.



The other issue we are finding formatting of the Key and also rdata ({"address":"10.X.X.X"})in excel is very time consuming.


Is there an easier way or it is what it is?


Thanks so much

Re: Import CVS DNS to BloxOne

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Hi JChant,


Most of the fields referenced in the documenation are required, from what it looks like name_in_zone, comment, disabled, options, and tags, are not required the key formatting also looks to be required in addition to the other fields. However, I might suggest making a few example DNS records in BloxOne and exporting them to take a look at the fields that BloxOne is expecting. Once you understand the fields that are required, I also suggest writing a script (python perhaps) to read, then format any DNS records you want to import into BloxOne to save you some time. This could be done instead of formatting each entry by hand which would be very time consuming indeed. You also have the option of JSON if that is easier as well.


Hope this helps,


Re: Import CVS DNS to BloxOne

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I don't have much information about this but i share what i know !! To import a CSV file, complete the following: From the Data Management tab, click CSV Job Manager from the Toolbar. In the CSV Job Manager wizard, select CSV Import and click the New CSV import job icon. Add: Select this to add new rows from the imported CSV file to the database.

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