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dynamic update DNS records

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For Bloxone DDI, you can enable dynamic DNS update in CSP portal using the GSS-TSIG method or allow IP range method for clients to perform Dynamic DNS updates directly to Bloxone on-prem hosts. We tested both methods and they're working fine.

but seems like Infoblox DO NOT recommend using either of these methods to update DNS. I’m not 100% sure the reason behind this, maybe due to performance issues and replication trafice to CSP.

They preferred using DHCP to update DNS on behalf of the client or using some type of automation to update DNS for client machines. On a high level that makes sense. (you configured one DHCP server to update DNS vs thousands of client machines sending DNS updates individually to the DNS server.)

But this will not cover all systems in our environment. For example, servers are usually not on DHCP. Does anyone have experience configuring dynamic update for clients to update DNS directly to bloxone DNS (without DHCP) and notice performance issues.



Re: dynamic update DNS records

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Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages.  Performance issues can be seen with either method, if settings are not optimal.  

When DHCP is handling DDNS updates, we have more control over updates.  The updates are based on lease times.  Also, records are updated when clients change to a different network, and old records are removed automatically when the lease expires. 

When clients send their own updates, it is the client's decision to send updates so we don't have as much control.   And clients don't usually delete their old records when they leave the network since the client is no longer on the network. 

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