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Endpoint client installation issue

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I have a question about installing endpoint client.

I have downloaded the msi file from CSP and installed the endpoint agent with default path.


But the status of endpoint client is unprotected and the reason is that "the registration of your account has failed.


Does someone know about this problem?

Re: Endpoint client installation issue

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hi, its actually documented on the KB. The registration of your account has failed. -  This error would appear when the endpoint is not able to register with the account. Mostly this happens when the endpoint client is deleted from CSP (Cloud Services Portal) and the user is trying to restore it on the machine again. if this is the case then you can follow this steps: Follow the below steps to restore a deleted BloxOne Endpoint: 1. Navigate to Manage > Endpoints > apply the filter for "Deleted" Status (By default, Active, Inactive & Disabled would already be added). 2. Check for the workstation machine (Device Name, MAC & IP address) in the deleted list. 3. Edit the endpoint in question and restore it. 4. Once the endpoint is restored, please select the endpoint and enable it. 5. Restart the endpoint service from the workstation. If this step is not working, then you need log a case for this.
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