Cloud integration module - vDiscovery - stale AWS entries--no way to remove

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I cannot, and neither can support at this juncture, figure out a problem that I created. 




A test VPC was stood up in AWS. It had these networks configured in it.,, (I have since manually deleted /27).

I created a vDiscovery job to discover this VPC and it was successful in finding the 3 subnets and also finding another VPC named EKS-VPC-VPC associated with the same tenant ID.  That VPC only had 1 subnet This is odd because I could find nowhere that we had anything in the defined in any VPC in AWS.

Anyway...we shutdown that test VPC and created a new Production VPC. This VPC uses this subnet which of course covers up all of the old test /27 subnets.

I created a new job in vDiscovery, and deleted the old job out as it would no longer be necessary. I did this not realizing it was my only way to remove the old, now stale, discovered data. (clear all discovery data)

So I have 2 issues - A. I cannot figure out how to get rid of the old discovered data and tenant.
B. I need to figure out how to NOT have network container and all the networks under it associated with the cloud as it is used extensively in our on premise environment I cannot just manually delete it.

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