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DNS/DHCP Data migration into BloxOne DDI

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Hi all, 


I'm trying to export the DNS and DHCP data from the existing Microsoft Server and get it imported into BloxOne DDI, is there any way like the DIW used for NIOS setup to be applied on the BloxOne DDI?


What is the recommended tool to do that? or I should rely only on the CSV Import/export on the cloud? Noting that the CSV format of the NIOS setup is different than the CSV format for B1DDI

Re: DNS/DHCP Data migration into BloxOne DDI

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We migrated all of our data from existing NIOS and Windows DNS servers to BloxOneDDI using the API and found it to be the easiest way to update/maintain configuration at scale.

There's a terraform/ansible/python module available for it, but I opted to develop a powershell module for it instead.

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