Grid Master in AWS, Azure

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So, i've learned from NIOS 8.4.0 is not possible to deploy Grid master or candidate in MS Azure cloud:

In AWS only TE-V4025 NIOS 8.5.2 could be deployed as a Grid master or candidate:

Should be a very expensive implementation.

Is the Infoblox preferred design to deploy on-premise Grid master?

Re: Grid Master in AWS, Azure

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The TE-V825, TE-V1425, and TE-V2225 virtual appliances for Azure can all be used as Grid Master or candidate for NIOS 8.2 and later releases. In AWS you can use those same models as well as the TE-V4025.


Cloud Platform (CP) appliances are the only ones listed on the pages you linked that cannot be used as GM or GMC.

Re: Grid Master in AWS, Azure

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Thank you for the answer.

May be the linked pages are confusing?

The current NIOS release is 8.6, and I see the following for Azure:2021-07-28 13_14_03-Window.png

The same for AWS.




Re: Grid Master in AWS, Azure

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The cp-appliances are specific to respond WAPI calls locally within the private or public cloud and not for Grid management.



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